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Your caesarean birth can be a beautiful and powerful experience. The key is, you got to own it to make it so. There are so many things for you and your birth partner to consider, and as with everything to do with your birth, you have options and your confidence comes from knowing what they are.

If you have had a previous caesarean, you may have opted to have another one for various reasons. With most of my clients, it comes down to the lack of control they felt in their previous birth experience if it resulted in an unplanned caesarean. By owning your next caesarean birth, you have the chance to plan, lead and feel powerful in the process.

You may have decided to have a caesarean birth due to unforeseen circumstances, if you were planning to birth vaginally this can come with a lot of complicated emotions. I know this because it happened to me with my first baby. I felt like the birth I wanted had been taken away from me, I had a sense of grief, a sense of failure even. All of these things I look back on and feel so sad that's how I felt.

A caesarean is a type of birth, 1 in 4 births unfold in this way. And I'm on a mission for everyone I work with to feel confident, calm and proud of themselves for growing, protecting and birthing their baby. 

During this course, we will take some time exploring your previous birth experience if relevant, or unpicking your feelings towards having your caesarean. We will cover what to expect during your caesarean birth and plan for the birth you want, as well as how to support your recovery and evolution as parents afterwards.

As this is a private session for you and your birth partner, we can do it at a time which suits you from the comfort of your own home over zoom.

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