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We spend a lot of time focussing on preparing for birth we often forget to plan for once the baby gets here. This is especially important if your family is growing and it's not just you and your partner who are going to be affected by the changes and growth a baby brings.

There are so many cultures from around the world, who honour the postnatal period. With rituals that support the new mother to rest, nourish and heal after birth, which allows them to focus on feeding and bonding with their baby. 

Research shows that the cultures who honour the weeks after birth in this way for new mothers, there is a :

  • A reduced risk of developing postnatal depression
  • More likely to establish and continue breastfeeding
  • More confident in their role as a mother and caring for their baby

We seem to have missed the trick! The overriding trend in the UK seems to be that we 'snap back' into shape, and we are able to get back to our old life as quickly as possible, whilst projecting an image that we are nailing life over Instagram. If you have children already, the new born is strapped to your chest and you keep going.

By taking the time to explore the physical and emotional changes you, your partner and your baby may go through, as well as the wider family dynamic if you are already a parent, you can create a plan to make sure you are protecting each others wellbeing during such an important time.

As with all my courses, sessions will be delivered via zoom, so you can join from the comfort of your own home.

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