Group VBAC preparation - VBAC Crew

Group VBAC preparation - VBAC Crew

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If you're planning for a vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC) and looking for your tribe this is the course for you. You'll be doing the work with people who just 'get it', the ones who understand why trusting your body to go into labour is the biggest deal to you even if you can't explain it to the people closest to you.

Join the crew to build your confidence back up in yourself, connect with other people on the same path to birth as you, and get prepared AF for your birth after a caesarean.

This course will consist of x3 1.5 hour sessions that explore the following topics:

  • Making peace with your previous birth experience 
  • Building confidence in your ability to give birth 
  • VBAC Myth busting 
  • Relaxation tools and hypnobirthing techniques to keep you calm and in control
  • Understanding your choices and how to communicate them confidently with your healthcare team 
  • How to negotiate and make informed decisions throughout pregnancy and birth if your path to birth changes

The dates for the sessions are Monday 30th January, Monday 6th February and Monday 13th February and they will all be recorded in case you can't make a session live. I cannot wait for this one, let me know if you have any questions at all.