Meet Luce

Hey I'm Luce, the founder of Proud Birth and all that jazz but who am I?'s that for a meta question to get things going. Truth is I'm ALOT of things.
I am a mother to  Memphy (5) and Koko (2) they are both slightly feral, but the most fun and curious humans. Our home is chaotic but so full of love, lols and tantrums from kids and parents alike. 
I set up my business after having an epic VBAC with my daughter in 2020 just before the pandemic. To begin with I worked with just anyone who wanted to prepare fully for a positive birth experience. But quickly realised I was here to do so much more than that - I was here to change the narrative around caesarean births, and create some epic courses for my fellow badass bi*ches out there who have fire in their belly and want to OWN their births.

I have supported over 50 couples prepare for their births after caesarean, and in working with every single one of them I have grown and learnt so much a long the way. My courses aren't just about birth preparation, they are about healing, holding space for you and your partner to navigate some of the things you're not saying out loud to each other so you can get aligned and connect on a much deeper level before your baby comes along. I want to hold the space for you both to overcome your fears, get on the same page, fall deeper in love with one another and get excited about this next adventure.
Another thing you should know about me is I am operating on a high vibe, energetics is everything to me so it's important that we're a vibe together when we do this work so always recommend having a chat if you're unsure I am the girl for you. It needs to be a whole body f*ck yes! I am into all things 'woo-woo' (hate that term) but it's important you know that I'm all about the universe because deep chats come as standard when you're working with me. 
So if you are looking to prepare for your next birth with some serious bad bi*chary, with fire in your belly, fully stepped into your power as a woman, knowing you can handle absolutely anything that comes your's time to make the booking.