Pregnancy Relaxation

It is so important to be relaxed and calm during your pregnancy and birth. It has so many benefits for both you and your baby. But carving out the time to connect with your bump, and truly switch off from the world around you can be tricky, and almost impossible if you already have children.
This weekly class gives you the protected time and space to connect with yourself, your baby, and other pregnant women. You will learn some tools and techniques to support your wellbeing during pregnancy and of course, the aim of the game is to relax.
Each session will focus on a pregnancy topic which we discuss, which will be followed by some wonderful mindful breathing, and a much-needed relaxation.
All sessions will be delivered via zoom, meaning you can join from the comfort of your own home, PJ's welcome!
Topics covered:
* Relaxation in Pregnancy
* Sleep in Pregnancy
* Fear in Pregnancy & Birth
* Healthy Choices
* Preparing for Birth
* Oxytocin in Birth 
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