Owning Your Birth After a Caesarean (VBAC prep) - Private 1:1

Owning Your Birth After a Caesarean (VBAC prep) - Private 1:1

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If you're planning for a vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC) and not sure where to start when it comes to preparation then look no further, I've got you.

This course is for you and your birth partner so you can build your confidence and get prepared AF for your birth after your caesarean. The beauty of it is, it gets to be tailored to exactly what you both need and focussed on what's important to you.

We'll have x4 1.5 hour sessions and dig deep into the following topics:

  • Making peace with your previous birth experience 
  • Building confidence in your ability to give birth 
  • VBAC Myth busting 
  • Relaxation tools and hypnobirthing techniques to keep you calm and in control
  • Understanding your choices and how to communicate them confidently with your healthcare team 
  • How to negotiate and make informed decisions throughout pregnancy and birth if your path to birth changes
  • Planning for your expanding family