Hypnobirthing Course - Private 1:1

Hypnobirthing Course - Private 1:1

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This full 1:1 course is the ultimate birth preparation package for you and your partner to go into your birth feeling confident, prepared, and excited. A huge benefit of this course is that we can go deep on how the knowledge, tools, and techniques you're learning apply to you and your partner specifically. There is space to process previous birth experiences if that's relevant to you, and to craft a plan of support to help you both in your transition into parenthood - whether it's your first baby or your fifth.  


What the course covers:

  • The basic physiology of birth
  • The positive belief that giving birth can be the most wonderful experience a woman and her birth partner will have together
  • To look forward optimistically to a gentle, safe, calm, comfortable and stress-free birth
  • How to release any fears that may in some way be associated with childbirth, and thus avoid the ‘Fear-Tension-Pain' Syndrome
  • How to relax deeply and quickly using breathing techniques, visualisations, and deep relaxation
  • How to stay calm, relaxed, and in control throughout your labour
  • How to promote the production of your birthing hormones
  • How to trust your body to work naturally and in harmony with your baby
  • How to prepare a birth plan so that you can be better informed, know your rights, and are able to advocate for yourself throughout pregnancy and birth
  • The knowledge and power to navigate birth should you require intervention or assistance
  • The biomechanics of birth, teaching you positions to help you birth your baby more easily and comfortably 
  • Breathing techniques that work with your body to maximise your natural expulsive reflex, so you may birth your baby gently ​
  • Planning for when the baby gets here, so you can ensure your recovery and transition into parenthood is honored and you are supported

What you will get:

  • 6 hours of live teaching, delivered over 4 sessions. 
  • A welcome pack sent to your home including some treats for you, your birth partner, and baby
  • Access to 5 wonderful relaxation MP3s
  • Resources to help you plan and prepare for a positive birth 
  • Continued support via message/phone until the birth of your baby
  • A 1-2-1 one hour follow-up call with me at 37+ weeks to go through anything you want to focus on to make sure you are prepared as possible to bring your baby into the world